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Picture has officiated beautiful weddings in this location. Awesome columns and views of Nashville. map Bicentennial Park.
Also known as Bicentennial Park or Bicentennial Mall this 19-acre plaza tells the story of the state's history through plaques, tours & water fountains.

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, also known as the Bicentennial Mall is an urban state park located in downtown Nashville Tennessee. See Map on left the park is located northwest of the Tennessee State Capitol building and was opened on June 1, 1996, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Tennessee's statehood.

Visitors can learn more about Tennessee history through Bicentennial Mall's featured design elements and discover Tennessee's natural attractions and landmarks. Like looking at giant maps? A giant granite map Measuring 200-foot (60 m) wide known as the Tennessee Map Plaza is situated at the the southern end of the park. It's a map of the state highlighting its counties, rivers, major roads, and other attributes. Below it are eight smaller granite maps to show other information about the state. Love Rivers? The Rivers of Tennessee Fountains feature 31 water fountains representing the major rivers and waterways of the state. 

Love an Ampitheater? The central feature of the park is the Tennessee Amphitheater, a 2000-seat terraced ampitheater used for special events. It sits empty most of the time and can be a lovely place for a small wedding. 

Pillars to the sky. The northern end of the park features the Court of 3 Stars, a circular plaza made of red, white, and blue granite representing the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee. The Grand Divisions are three geographic regions in the U.S. state of Tennessee and each constituting roughly one-third of the state's land area, that are geographically, culturally, legally, and economically distinct. The Grand Divisions are legally recognized in the state constitution and state law and are represented on the flag of Tennessee by three prominent stars.  

Stretching between the Amphitheater and the Court of 3 Stars is tree-lined linear lawn, which features four main walking paths and several memorials. The two inner walkways make up the Path of Volunteers; each is 1,400 feet (430 m) long and were built with 17,000 inscribed pavers. The eastern outer path is the Walkway of Counties, designed to represent the topography of the Grand Divisions and featuring flora from across the state. Time Capsules from each county are throughout the walk from each county, which will not be opened until the state's 300th birthday on July 1, 2096. The western outer path is the Pathway of History, containing a 1,400-foot (430 m) wall inscribed with the state's history. Also to the west of the lawn are the Civilian Conservation Corps Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Centennial Memorial, and the Statehood Memorial.

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Lovers of beauty, majesty and history will enjoy Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park for a wedding ceremony. 

Picture has officiated beautiful wedding in Bicentennial Park. Tree-lined boulevardes and majestic views of Nashville.
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I Do! I do love a good wedding. 

I can't help it. I've wanted to be a marriage officiant for decades. Ever since the first wedding I attended that was not in a church that is. 

I remember the wedding ceremony of a couple of my friends in a house and having a marriage officiant come to officiate. For me it was electrifying. It was WAY more awesome than a wedding inside a church, or inside a hall. In the small crowded room all their friends gathered around and the marriage officiant lady helped my friends create a ceremony that was not churchy, not stuffy, not 'weird' - but rather it was fun, informal and totally wonderful. We were all so close, standing around them in that crowded little room. It was perfect. A wedding in a church would have been weird. A wedding in a house by the beach was a perfect wedding ceremony for them, my crazy awesome friends who never went to church.

When I first decided I wanted to be a marriage officiant it was back in my homeland Australia. I never did get around to getting myself organized to become an officiant. I was involved in a big church and only the pastors were all male, and were the only ones who officiated all the weddings. I did get to be the wedding performer of choice for dozens of my church friends. 

When I arrived in Nashville Tennessee one of my facebook friends announced they had become an officiant. The bells went off in my heart! I so wanted to be an officiant too and play cook ukulele songs at weddings and so I became ordained online and started officiating immediately. And it was wonderful. I LOVE officiating. 

Full Disclaimer: I am not a religious officiant. I not a pastor or a religious leader or teacher. I offer marriage officiant duties as a civil officiant. I help couples get married in parks, homes, boats, bridges, gardens, halls and yes even inside a church that did hire the space for my couple. 

I'm not for everyone. Couples looking for a formal, religious 'priestly looking' officiant or pastor dressed in fancy religious looking robes and other weird stuff that's not me. But couples who want a professional minded and friendly hearted officiant to help them create their 'I Do's' in an atmosphere of love, light and warmth will not be disappointed.