I Do! I do love a good wedding. 

I can't help it. I've wanted to be a marriage officiant for decades. Ever since the first wedding I attended that was not in a church that is. 

I remember the wedding ceremony of a couple of my friends in a house and having a marriage officiant come to officiate. For me it was electrifying. It was WAY more awesome than a wedding inside a church, or inside a hall. In the small crowded room all their friends gathered around and the marriage officiant lady helped my friends create a ceremony that was not churchy, not stuffy, not 'weird' - but rather it was fun, informal and totally wonderful. We were all so close, standing around them in that crowded little room. It was perfect. A wedding in a church would have been weird. A wedding in a house by the beach was a perfect wedding ceremony for them, my crazy awesome friends who never went to church.

When I first decided I wanted to be a marriage officiant it was back in my homeland Australia. I never did get around to getting myself organized to become an officiant. I was involved in a big church and only the pastors were all male, and were the only ones who officiated all the weddings. I did get to be the wedding performer of choice for dozens of my church friends. 

When I arrived in Nashville Tennessee one of my facebook friends announced they had become an officiant. The bells went off in my heart! I so wanted to be an officiant too and play cook ukulele songs at weddings and so I became ordained online and started officiating immediately. And it was wonderful. I LOVE officiating. 

Full Disclaimer: I am not a religious officiant. I not a pastor or a religious leader or teacher. I offer marriage officiant duties as a civil officiant. I help couples get married in parks, homes, boats, bridges, gardens, halls and yes even inside a church that did hire the space for my couple. 

I'm not for everyone. Couples looking for a formal, religious 'priestly looking' officiant or pastor dressed in fancy religious looking robes and other weird stuff that's not me. But couples who want a professional minded and friendly hearted officiant to help them create their 'I Do's' in an atmosphere of love, light and warmth will not be disappointed.  


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