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Wedding locations in Nashville that are free? That are nice for photos? 

Here are a few ideas where Nashville Officiant has officiated awesome weddings. 

Centennial Park 
Address: West End Avenue and 26th Avenue South.
Lots of great wedding locations within this park. Want to make a grand statement? Head for the Parthenon. Especially wonderful at sunset where the columns glow. The Parthenon is an exact replica of the Parthenon symbolizing the 'Athens of the South' with Nashville's many universities and colleges. For lakeside weddings there is Lake Watauga, a small artificial lake in the park's centre named in honor of the local indian tribe which inhabited Nashville. There are lovely gardens including The Tulip Garden, the Childrens Garden. Want a 'Come Fly With Me' look to your wedding? Head for the F-86L Sabre Jet in the park. Like a locomotion pic or two? There is a steam train there too in this lovely park. The park has a bandshell where in late August to early September the Nashville Shakespeare Society presents 'Shakespeare in the Park'. You can picnic here or head out to some great restaurants that surround Centennial Park. 

BiCentennial Park 
Address: 6th Avenue North on the east and 7th Avenue North on the west. The Nashville Farmers' Market is to the park's immediate west. 
There are grand columns, a lovely ampitheater, a train bridge, lots of trees and nice places to photograph. 

Cumberland Park 
Address: Next to the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge on the East side of the Cumberland River.
This part of town is bursting with life and great places to tie the knot. Nashville Marriage Officiant was called to officiate a lovely wedding on the bandstand area. Photos were by the riverfront. 

Shelby Park 
Address: Shelby and South 20th Street, East Nashville 37206
Directions - Five miles east of Downtown
Lots of beautiful trees and rolling hills, a lake in the centre and a 12-foot tall stainless steel mockingbird statue.

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